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DL Dance Project Policies and Procedures

Sick Policy
Students may not attend class while running a fever, vomiting, suffering from diarrhea or any other contagious illness. Students must be without the above symptoms for 24 hours prior to returning to class.

We ask that you contact the studio to notify the instructor that your child will not attend class due to illness. If a student becomes ill during class, we will notify you to pick up your child immediately.

Inclement Weather
The studio monitors the Montgomery County Public School System for inclement weather. The studio does not close when schools are closed for in-service days.

When schools open late due to inclement weather, the studio will have classes that evening.

When schools close early or close for the entire day, the studio will not have classes that evening.

Personal Belongings
The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings, so please leave valuables at home. The studio is not responsible for purchased items left at the studio for more than 90 days from the date merchandise is received, (costumes, photos, DVDs, etc.).

Before & After Care of Students

The studio is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Students should not be left at the studio for more than 10 minutes before or after their scheduled class(es) without permission from the director.

A babysitting fee of $10.00 will be charged for every 15 minutes that your child remains at the studio after their class is dismissed. This fee is to be paid upon arrival when picking up your child from the studio. There are no exceptions.

Proper Alignment of Students Body
During instruction of dance, there is a need at times for hands-on contact between the instructor and/or instructor's assistant and the student. This allows the instructor and/or instructor's assistant to accurately position the body of the student to help avoid injuries and/or to assist the student in obtaining the correct alignment of the body.

Level Progression
Every child progresses at his/her own rate. Not every child will move through levels of dance at the same pace. It usually takes a child more than one year to move from one level to the next, regardless of age.

This serves to keep a child's interest, as well as maintaining a high confidence level in his/her abilities. Habitual absences make the progression in levels timelier.

DL Dance Project LLC offers quality instruction and provides a positive learning atmosphere to all students. While dance class will be fun, it is not play time, or social time, and must not be treated as such. Disruptive students may be asked to take a time out from that class. Refunds will not be issued.


Please arrive a few minutes prior to your child's scheduled class time to allow time to prepare for class. We make every effort to begin and end classes promptly. Students are encouraged to arrive early to visit with their friends before class so they are focused and ready to work.

Please be aware that regular attendance is expected. Most of our classes develop choreography as the season moves forward. Each student is considered an important participant. Repeated absences will cause a student to fall behind in class. Regular absences make it difficult, not only for the individual student, but for the instructor and the other students in the class.

Instructors reserve the right to require the student to attend a private make up class or classes to be caught up with choreography and technique to continue in the level enrolled. A fee for private classes will be imposed. Repeated absence indicates a lack of interest in the student's dance education, and may result in dismissal from the program. If this happens no refunds will be given.

Warm-ups are designed to prepare your child's body for strenuous exercises and proper technique. Please make every effort to have your child at the studio on time for class to avoid missing parts, or all of the warm-ups — a practice that may result in an injury.

Students who arrive 15 minutes late or more for class may not be permitted to participate. This is at the instructor's discretion. We do, however, recommend the student observe their class, if permission to participate is denied by the instructor. Repeated absences and late arrivals indicate a lack of interest in the student's dance education, and may result in dismissal from the program. No refunds will be given if you are asked to leave.

Personal Conduct
Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner while in class, as well as outside of class. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Use appropriate language

  • Listen politely and follow directions

  • Respect the rights of others and respect the property of the studio

  • A professional image should be upheld when using social media accounts

  • Students may not be in the classroom unattended

  • Arrive to class on time, dressed in appropriate attire and have hair secured properly

  • Dance shoes are not to be worn outside of the studio (including hip-hop shoes)


Food & Beverages
All food and beverages are to be consumed and kept in the lounge area.

Participating in the Production is committing to participating in the dress rehearsal and performance.

It is required that students attend the last 2 weeks of classes prior to the Production, as well as the tech rehearsal. Accounts must be paid in full to participate in the Production. If your dancer drops out, sick, injured or asked to leave, there is no refund for production expenses. 


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