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Class Offerings


Ballet focuses on allowing dancers to learn classical terminology and technique that is the foundation of the art of dance.  Dancers will learn proper alignment, posture, and fluidity through classical ballet.



High-energy dance style with a focus on isolations, turns, and leaps.  Dancers will learn flexibility while also connecting different movements through combinations.



Learn to express and tell a story through this style as you flow through different movements.  Lyrical takes the slow fluidity of ballet and mixes it with the turns and leaps of jazz.



Rhythmic patterns and musicality will be key in this class.  Dancers will learn to tap to different music patterns and connect steps together.


Acrobatic Arts (Acro)

Take gymnastics to the dance floor in these classes.  Individual focus is key in this class where dancers will learn tumbling on mats.   Participants in Tumbling Tricks will learn a wide range of skills from backbends, cartwheels, aerials and back handsprings.


Hip Hop

A structured method of learning various Hip Hop movements, while providing an intense workout in an energetic environment. Dancers will have fun with this upbeat style as they learn combinations to popular and high-energy music!


L/T - Tech

Focusing on body placement, strengthening and stretching, leaps and turns. 

Move & Groove  

Designed for toddlers and caregivers to enhance gross motor coordination and listening through music, props, gymnastics & dance. This is a 45 minute class structured for children ages 3 - 5 years.

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