DL Dance Project

inspires dancers of all ages, training them into strong well rounded artists through unparalleled dance instruction.

Who We Are

Don’t Think. Just Dance.

DL Dance Project is geared towards TRAINING, and we want to give our students a lot of it! Our focus is on building strong dancers into well rounded artists. This program is more than just dance, but at the same time all about dance. We are here to help each individual child grow at their own pace, so we train them as individuals. We know that every child learns differently, each child has their own strengths and weaknesses, and every child has a different goal. The staff at DL Dance Project is dedicated to helping them fulfill it! To accomplish our mission, we will expose our students to guest teachers, in-house workshops, conventions, audition training and performance opportunities. We believe that this will give our dancers the confidence and knowledge that they need to succeed in any future endeavors. 

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